The Women's Leadership Project

The Women's Leadership Project is a new initiative by FHSU's Center for Civic Leadership that is designed to educate, inspire, and empower women to be the leaders of tomorrow. This initiative offers year-round comprehensive educational activities that promote leadership development for women of all ages.

A prerequisite to equal leadership opportunities for women is gender equality. Without this, women will continue to struggle with barriers to leadership. These barriers include but are not limited to social, economic, political and power issues - even issues of personal safety. As such, the Women’s Leadership Project will serve as a method to promote gender equality.

Though society has changed dramatically over the past 40 years, many organizational structures, processes, and cultural norms remain in place that hinder leadership opportunities for women and girls.

2013 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders

Nicole Walz and Jennifer Verhagen attended the 2013 National Conference for College Women Student Leaders at the University of Maryland.

College Women Student Leaders

"This experience was amazing and I am very appreciative for being able to attend this conference. The conference allowed me to network with other fellow college women and share our own experiences and opinions with one another. The keynote speakers, Women of Distinction honorees, and the various workshops had a significant impact on me. From this conference, I have learned, women should take risks, should be outspoken, stop trying to be perfect, and listen to our inner voices. The knowledge and skills I have taken from this conference has allowed me to share with others at Fort Hays State University and will be applied in my future endeavors. This conference was very beneficial to me and should be attended by all women student leaders."
- Jen Verhagen, FHSU Graduate Student

"The National Conference for College Women Student Leaders 2013 left me feeling empowered, inspired, eager and supported. Empowered that women of any race, age or orientation can do everything the other gender can do, and just as well if that is what they set their sights on, women tend to be goal oriented and driven, especially these women! Inspired that our generation does have the motivation and skill set to do what it takes to make sure that women do have a significant place in this world now and in our future. Eager to take what I learned from both the keynote speakers' experiences they shared and from the connections we made from other women our age doing incomparable things in their own part of the world and find out what I am capable of. Finally, the support that was expressed among the NCCWSL and AAUW organizations to every woman at the conference, to go out and not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them in order to do something much better than was imagined in the first place. I would highly recommend the NCCWSL conference to any woman who is looking for not only leadership advice and support but the encouragement and connections to go confidently into the world as a young female professional determined to change lives for the better. In particular, I would advise getting involved with AAUW on the local level at Fort Hays State University and at the national level where women are constantly provided with fortunate opportunities all over the world similar to the NCCWSL conference."
- Nicole Walz, FHSU Senior

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