Women of the past may have felt excluded in leadership processes because traditional views of leadership primarily included men. Society is now noticing that women’s collaborative nature and spirit can give them a strong advantage while leading others. In light of this, the Kansas Women’s Leadership Conference focuses on contemporary views that embrace leadership as a social process that is advantageous to women.

Program Objectives:

The Kansas Women’s Leadership Conference hopes to encourage leadership at all levels. The Leadership Advantage: kansas women's leadership conference has four main objectives:

To strengthen the networking skills and opportunities for women

To encourage development of leadership in women of all generations

To promote mentoring between and among women

To foster a celebration of women’s diversity


Program Themes:

Leadership Development – Effective leadership depends on a series of interactions among leaders, followers, and situations. Many elements of leadership can be taught. This training plays a vital role in the development of successful leaders. Effective leadership skills and behaviors develop over time through a number of learning and reflective experiences.

Mentoring – Mentoring is the process of having a significant beneficial effect on the life or career of another individual. Often, when women network with other women this includes the establishment of mentoring relationships, which in turn plays an important role in women’s leadership opportunities and effectiveness.

“Enjoyed the day! Well worth my time.” – 2007 Conference Participant